Dipl. Ing. Freier Innenarchitekt (FH), BDIA

Daniel Korb was born in Baden, Switzerland in 1958. Before and during his studies he worked as a freelancer at Jürgen Lange Design in Grafenau/Germany. After he studied Interior Architecture at the Fachhochschule für Technik in Stuttgart, he worked from 1985 to 1987 for the architects Zinsmeister?&?amp;Scheffler on the project Haus der Abgeordneten. Having finished his work at Zinsmeister?&?Scheffler, he worked for the leading interior design and furniture store Fleiner in Stuttgart. Together with Susan D. Korb he established in 1989 the studio KORB?+?KORB for architecture, interior architecture and design in Stuttgart. 1996 the office KORB?+?KORB in Baden/Switzerland was opened. In 1999 marketing and communication became a new field of activity.